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A home can be a big scary thing - lots of moving parts and complicated systems all surrounded by a structural skeleton clad in a protective coating. Whether it’s a condo, a single family home or a commercial building, these are complicated structures and frankly, many of us do not understand how they operate. That’s where we come in.

I’m Brad Tholen and I formed Brad Tholen Home Inspectors to be your qualified, professional resource to help you understand the property in which you live, hope to purchase, or wish to sell. I have inspected thousands of properties for thousands of families. 

Our experienced, licensed and insured team of inspectors will provide you with an analysis of the visible structural and mechanical condition of real property you own or hope to purchase.


It is the mission of Brad Tholen Home Inspectors to empower our clients to make informed decisions regarding the ownership, sale or purchase of real property by providing them with our experienced, professional opinion of the structural and mechanical integrity of the property they own or seek to own.

For our real estate referral partners we pledge to treat their clients with respect and dignity and to communicate our knowledge with those clients in a fair and balanced manner.

A Brad Tholen Home Inspection is:

An important resource for home buyers – to know what you are getting into before some else’s problems become yours.
A great starting point for home sellers – to understand the condition of your property before you go on the market; why wait for the home buyer’s inspector to discover problems in YOUR house?
Piece of mind for homeowners – a Brad Tholen Home Inspectors Maintenance Report helps you focus on those areas of your house you might have been missing. Find small problems before they become big problems.

Put my experienced team to work for you.