Brad Tholen Home Inspectors provides mechanical and structural inspections on real property - residential and commercial following the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) as approved by the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission, Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. 

The basic services in the mechanical and structural inspection include:

  • Mechanical – an in-depth examination of the systems in the home including:
    • Electrical (panels, switches, lights, outlets)
    • Plumbing (supply pipe & systems, waste pipe and systems, valves, sinks, toilets, tubs/showers, water heaters)
    • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC-documenting and testing)
    • Appliances (all appliances documented and tested)
  • Structural – a visual examination of:
    • the structure of the property from the foundation (including crawlspaces)
    • the roof (including attics)
    • the type and condition of the visible structure and construction materials – inside and out (siding, roofing, foundation, doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floor coverings)

Structural and mechanical inspections apply to and are beneficial for the following:

  • Homeowners – to understand how well you are maintaining your home, where your weak areas might be, for evaluation of those places you do often go such as the crawlspace or attic, to understand the condition and function of your major mechanical systems such as plumbing systems (function and type), electrical (function, capacity, etc), and HVAC (capacity and function).
  • Home Buyers – the traditional client of the home inspection industry. Home buyers get excited about finding the right property. The home inspector helps the buyer fully understand what they are buying to minimize the surprises of home ownership.
  • Home Sellers – the mechanical and structural inspection is a powerful tool for the home owner preparing to list a property for sale. Knowing the condition of the structure and systems helps the seller and their Realtor determine the fair value of the property based on the condition – if there are problems, you have time to decide whether to make repairs or adjust you pricing. Knowledge is power.
  • Realtors – the home inspector provides a fair, impartial, professional opinion providing balance and reality between the real estate agent and the client.
  • Commercial Property Owners – inviting our commercial inspection team of specialists into your commercial property can save you thousands in maintenance and repair costs. Our team includes professional electricians, roofing inspectors, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.